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Elzware, founded in 2002, is a Conversational User Interface company with a speciality ...

... Human to Computer conversations. These systems are commonly called Chatbots
though some people call this kind of technology Artificial Intelligence.

Up to a point that is fine, but the term is poisoned from decades of false horizons,
misappropriation and marketing spin. A.I. can be a descriptor that confuses as much as informs.

Elzware has created, in various partnership, more than 60 FAQ based systems for banks, phone & TV companies, hardware manufacturers, insurance companies, charities, transport, education and healthcare clients.

Aside from those solutions Elzware has made three systems that it believes are bench markers for the Chatbot marketplace and is currently assembling a 'Parent' system, Dorian, that is to be the foundation methodologically as well as conversationally for future Chatbot deliveries from our base in Bristol, UK.

TeachBot English


Born 2007 TeachBot English is a learning support tool for school and homework tasks. Gives personalised learning based on students pace and goals. Provides clarification on terminology or topics through linked concepts and a detailed glossary, based on National Curriculum KS3/KS4.

Merly the Merbot

Merly the Mersquid

Born 2013 Merly the Mersquid is an iPad based construction, part of a larger interactive fiction called 7 fables. The development partnership was with Mark Meadows, Amautalab and Gojira and was looking to blend storytelling with a 3D Avatar & and interactive environment.

The Shift

The Shift

Prototyped 2014 The Shift is a creative thought and education delivery service which has been co-designed by young people aged 16-24, in partnership with Ravensbourne College and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Identifies educational user type for personalised interactions according to time and concept.