Humanity, meet technology

Welcome to the ELZWARE website. This is the place to find out more about the revolutionary conversational systems we've developed, and how our conversational systems and the notion of Extended Intelligence, in set to change the way we all live, learn, shop, bank, and relax. Do not confuse what we are doing here with Artificial Intelligence, this is a generic term of which we have a niche interest.

You can discover exactly what kind of services services are available, find out who we are as a company and learn more some of the work we have done. But more than that, you'll discover just how much a conversational system - the grown-up evolution of the chatbot or chatterbot - can help you understand more about your users, and help the people that you support on the Internet as they navigate and interact with your website and digital assets more effectively.

Meet the conversational systems

Yesterday's chatbots have evolved. Today's conversational systems, especially the open source variety, provide an interface between people and technology, helping visitors to your site find what they need, when they need it. Click here to learn more about Elzware's services and how they can improve your customer's web experience. There is a Linux level sea change coming, contact us to get on board.