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Is where you will find Chatbot systems
that will be making a serious difference
to your life and wellbeing.

Sunset Bristol, UK.

The First Thing

The sun is setting on the Chatbot systems of the last 15 years with the bright, well getting brighter, new systems like Siri, Now and Cortana stepping up to the mark. This mark has everything to do with Alan Turing and reiterates the philosophical as well as the practical.

Peter Gabriel, UK.

The Second Thing

But everything is a performance covering up the actual reason why these systems are in place which is to milk the user for commercial information to justify advertising spend. Elzware has been building HCI systems since 2002, we see the movements behind the hills and far away.

Brains, anon artist.

The Third Thing

At Elzware we look through the baseline, simple commerciality, into the essense of humans and computers interacting, our socio-cultural personal digital lives on the Internet as it currently stands.

We work there building socio-cultural systems of value that have integrity and user transparency.